COHESION core values and guiding principles

A focus on the most vulnerable
Health systems strengthening
Mutual Learning
Robust design and evaluation of complex interventions

A focus on the most vulnerable:

Focusing on NCDs and NTDs gives us the opportunity to work with some of the most vulnerable populations. Our work will find effective ways to address needs and improvements in both NCD and NTD health care delivery, and not one over the other.

Health Systems Strengthening:

Our project moves away from vertical healthcare delivery programs and contributes to health systems strengthening initiatives, focused on interventions that will be sustained and scaled up.

Mutual learning:

The diversity of settings, conditions and needs in many countries, and even scenarios within countries, will be embraced as opportunities for mutual learning. Innovative ways to address schistosomiasis and diabetes in Mozambique can inform leprosy and hypertension in Nepal and Chagas disease and chronic comorbidities in Peru.

Robust design and evaluation of complex interventions:

The world is moving beyond linear causality activity effect type of projects and we embrace the complexity of scenarios. We move towards implementation science in actively testing what works, for whom, under what scenarios in complex situations.