The Mozambique COHESION team held four co-creation meetings, two in each site with both community and health care personnel. The meetings in Nlhamankulo were held with health practitioners and community members on the 12th and 14th of April and in Moamba on 26th of April 2018. The objectives of the meetings were to share the WHO Health systems responsiveness framework and eight domains and to collect their opinions regarding those they considered most important to their contexts.

Community discussion in Xipamanine

In Nlhamankulo, the two meetings took place in Xipamanine’s health center. A total of 15 health practitioners participated, including people working as medical technicians, lab personnel, pharmacists, and medical doctors from two health centres (Chamanculo and Xipamanine). The second meeting with the community had about 40 participants.

In Moamba, the first meeting was held at the Moamba health center and a total of 10 health practitioners participated. For the second meeting with the community, a venue was rented within the community area to ensure more openness of the about 30 community members who participated.

Consultation – health workers

Throughout these four meetings, important debates on the responsiveness framework were held. Participants selected six of the eight domains as representing their needs and challenges the most; including dignity, prompt attention, autonomy, quality basic amenities, confidentiality, and clear communication.

The next step for the Mozambican COHESION team is to decide which of these six domains can be best addressed in the interventions.

The COHESION team is very grateful for the high involvement and feedback provided by the co-creation session participants.