Shivani Raman from Rice University worked at CRONICAS Center of Excellence in Chronic Diseases at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia as an undergraduate research fellow in Spring 2018. During her time at CRONICAS, Shivani had the opportunity to conduct qualitative data analysis, participate in a workshop focused on developing interventions for the selected rural communities (see here), facilitate a co-creation meeting with community members in Sicacate (see here), and co-author the paper “Food perceptions and dietary changes for chronic condition management in rural Peru” (see here).

On 22-23 February 2019, Shivani presented this research at the University of Notre Dame’s Human Development Conference, titled “Engaging with Empathy: A Preferential Option for the Poor in Development” (conference site here, presentation description here). In line with the framework of the COHESION project, the conference was focused on addressing the major challenges faced by marginalized populations through a participatory approach in which all parties contribute and benefit. Shivani had a wonderful experience sharing the COHESION project findings with other students and scholars and was named a finalist for the Bartell Prize for Undergraduate Research on Poverty and Development for her paper and presentation (see winners here).